Dean Smith of Active Air Freight Encourages Charity Support

Giving — It’s Not About How Much Nor How Often.
It’s just satisfying.

Charity is not about feelings of guilt, or how much one gives, but rather an individual’s comfort level.  Dean Smith of Active Air Freight believes that giving to charities is an individual choice. Because he wants his charitable gifts getting to the people (and animals!) who are in need, he has carefully selected trustworthy charities to allocate donations of money and resources from Active Air Freight.

How does Active Air Freight contribute to these fine charities? In two important ways: the first is by generous monetary donations. Even the most efficiently run charities with low overhead need to pay the bills, so Dean Smith has carefully selected numerous organizations he feels will use his gifts wisely. He is confident his annual donations are going to great causes. Secondly, Active Air Freight volunteers time and resources to various animal rescue organizations.

The charitable organizations Dean Smith of Active Air Freight approves include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • USO — the premiere service organization for U.S. military members, the USO is a congressionally chartered non-profit seeking to boost the morale of service members worldwide. The USO presents entertainment shows featuring comedians and musical groups, even to military members serving in extreme conditions.
  • Wounded Warriors — Focusing on veterans wounded in either body, mind or both by battlefield experiences, Wounded Warriors concentrates on providing family and mental care, transitional job training and support to deal with the physical and emotional consequences of their injuries.
  • Pets for Patriots — Encourages and assists veterans to adopt at-risk shelter animals that might otherwise face euthanasia or a lifetime living in a shelter environment. This is a win-win for both the veterans and their grateful furry companions.
  • NORSLED, Free-Spirit Siberian Rescue, Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue, Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue and MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue — All of these organizations support abandoned and at-risk Siberian Husky dogs in locations across the United States. Like Dean Smith of Active Air Freight, you can support them by volunteering, donating and adopting or fostering rescued dogs.
  • World Vets — A worldwide veterinary service organization, World Vets helps animals and people through disaster relief, veterinary training programs in developing countries and veterinary services for communities in need.

Dean Smith and Active Air Freight encourage you to examine the above charities and consider them when you make your donations to worthy causes. Active Air Freight and Dean Smith — supporting organizations that make a difference.