Terms & Conditions

Please note, Active Air Freight, LLC / AAFLogistics, offers additional Cargo & Shipper’s Interest insurance coverage. If insurance coverage is waived, this page outlines all terms and conditions as a Freight Forwarder-Customer’s Agent Representative as per national and international law.

  1. Standard Domestic Truck Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions
    1. Active Air Freight SCAC Code AAIR
    2. Active Air Freight, LLC Freight Forwarder’s Authority FF#011606
    3. Active Air Freight, LLC $75,000.00 broker’s/carrier’s surety bond #2013070059
    4. http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/
  2. IATA Airway Bill Terms and Conditions It is agreed that the goods declared herein are accepted in apparent good order and condition (except as noted)  for carriage  SUBJECT TO THE  CONDITIONS  OF  CONTRACT ON THE REVERSE HEREOF. ALL GOODS MAY BE CARRIED BY ANY OTHER MEANS INCLUDING ROAD OR ANY OTHER CARRIER UNLESS SPECIFIC CONTRARY INSTRUCTIONS ARE GIVEN HEREON BY THE SHIPPER, AND SHIPPER AGREES THAT THE SHIPMENT MAY BE  CARRIED  VIA  INTERMEDIATE  STOPPING  PLACES  WHICH  THE  CARRIER  DEEMS APPROPRIATE. THE SHIPPER’S ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE NOTICE CONCERNING CARRIER’S LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Shipper may increase such limitation of liability by declaring a higher value for carriage and paying a supplemental charge if required.
  3. TSA Indirect Air Carrier Security Screening Program – Active Air Freight, LLC is a certified TSA/IAC
  4. Standard Terms & Conditions of service as approved by (Approved by the National Customs & Forwarders Association of America, Inc. (Revised 6/94)
  5. Active Air Freight, LLC LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY if any client waives the right to our cargo insurance/shipper’s interest policy offerings-Please see Court Ruling Prima vs. Panalpina regarding how a “Freight Forwarder is a travel agent for any shipper” Law determination can be viewed at: http://www.cargolaw.com/cases_panalpina.html#cargoletter and official Circuit Court Letter of Opinion: http://www.cargolaw.com/cases_panalpina.html#federal_opinion
  6. The Shipper’s Agent – why there is no carrier liability